Saturday 29th October 5pm & 6.30pm: Macbeth/Boudicca @ Hope st Cafe

Macbeth, A Contemporary Rock Opera and Boudicca, A Celtic Rock Opera

SATURDAY:  29 October, 5pm and 6:30pm
VENUE:  HOPE STREET CAFE, 170 Boundary St,West End.
TWO SESSIONS 5.00 and 6.30 p.m
COST:  $29 including light snacks
Bookings essential  phone 3844 2693 (35 people max.per performance)

You’ll be taken on a ride of joy and revenge by a stellar cast, featuring local legends Alison St Ledger (Lady Macbeth / Boudicca); Mtthew Newnham (Macbeth / Seutonius Paulinus), Chris Herden (Macduff / Catus Decianus) with James Bovill on keys and joined by Vocal Manoeuvers Choir conducted by Alison Rodgers.


Alison Rogers has co-ordinated and trained backing vocalists for artists such as Michael Bublé and Mariah Carey. From 27 May at La Boite’s Roundhouse Theatre the director of the sizeable Vocal Manoeuvres choir joins her former school buddy Alison St Ledger in Boadicea – The Celtic Rock Opera, an epic tale of rebellion and revenge. St Ledger, the Women in Voice favourite and co-artistic director of the Queensland Cabaret Festival plays the title character, the legendary tribal warrior queen who, in 60 AD, led an insurgence against the tyrannical Roman Empire.

Alison Rogers and Alison St Ledger met in grade 11 when St Ledger first enrolled at Ipswich Girls Grammar. They worked on lots of theatrical projects together as part of a new theatre course that had just started at the school that year. “We also shared music class and Alison was somewhat of a prodigy – she played piano, flute and was a gifted arranger,” St Ledger says. That early partnership continued when they worked together again on the schools program Creative Generations. “My favourite collaboration though, was doing Presidentsland for the 2009 Queensland Music Festival. I got to sing with Ed Kuepper and Alison Rogers was conducting the QPAC choir, and getting the best ‘rock’ attitude from them… it was a joy to watch. We’re both so excited to be working together on Boadicea-The Celtic Rock Opera. It’ll be like old times at high school except back then I was always playing the lead male roles.”


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